Rahul Khater is a videographer, specialising in filming, editing and production management. His expertise includes direction, conceptualisation, scripting, storyboarding & shoot planning. With a strong passion for theatre and film making, he pursued a degree in Theatre Arts from Middlesex University, London. This entailed the learning of various skills such as, costume design, set building, stage direction, acting and film direction. Thereafter, he worked as an associate producer and account/ project manager in highly professional and competitive work environments. 

Film/Video Production

I commit to clients with their video project needs; from inception all the way through to the final delivery. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with a client to conceptualise an effective video, constantly working through each individual stage, until the project is realised. These include, planning, scripting, storyboarding, shoot planning, filming & editing, colour grading and project management. 


Still photography can be one of the most eye-catching ways of grabbing one’s attention. After coming up with an excellent concept, I ensure that all elements of the photoshoot function seamlessly, giving you the best results. I strive to stay on top of all my chosen fields; perfecting lighting, nailing compositions and capturing that one moment that can say it all. 

Freelance Camerawork & Post Production

I work on a freelance basis as a cameraman and video editor, with continual projects with marketing & advertising agencies, PR companies and various video production companies. I thrive in a larger team environment because I learn a lot as well as share my expertise to ensure a happy client. 

Web Designing

As part of my services offered, I excel at web design committing to my clients from conceptualisation to final delivery. I understand the client’s needs and use my vision to create a really strong layout and theme for publishing.


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