Freelance Services

 Outsourced Video Production

Working at business to business rates, I can provide a full video production service, from pre-production all the way through to delivery. This allows marketing companies or PR agencies, who may not have previously been able to offer video production, to add this service to their portfolio.

 Outsourced Photography

I also offer a full photographic service, from planning to shooting, editing and delivering. Again, this allows marketing and PR companies that don’t have an in-house photographic team, to offer high-end, professional photography to their clients.

 Freelance Associate Producer

Writing, editing and organising scripts, with further responsibilities of preparing call sheets and storyboards with senior management. Managing budget and handling location recce and casting alongside working closely with the editor in terms of the techniques of colour grading and audio mixing. 

 Freelance Camerawork

I film on a freelance basis with video production companies locally and globally. I have a wide knowledge of the latest camera systems from DSLRs to large-sensor cinema cameras and more traditional half inch cameras. Whether your project is a live-cam even, a commercial piece or a documentary film, I can fit right in with your production.

 Freelance Video Editing

I provide freelance video editing and post-production services to video companies. If you have a project that needs that something special to bring it all together, look no further, as I am the man for the job.

 Web Development

I create websites for companies and individuals from scratch. Working through the whole process from inspiration and planning all the way through to publishing, also offering regular maintenance and updates to the website with regard to content.

If you have any questions, or would like to collaborate together on a project, feel free to get in touch!